Description :

DIPCut® is a patented impeller that becomes a "Shredder" when it changes direction of rotation.
Coupled to variable frequency drive, this impeller changes its direction of rotation automatically when needed in order to cut snarled long fibrous materials and rags, and then remove them.
This is the ideal "Rags-Killer" !

DIPCut® combines the advantages of the conical Vortex impeller when pumping sand, gases or big solid wastes and the shredding function cutting long fibrous materials into shreds.
Knowing that cleaning out a classical pumping system costs on average $350 that is equivalent to an electric consumption of 3.500kW/h , DIPCut® allows the savings of those clogs and uses less power.

Advantages :

Contrary to others as Grinder or shear and cut and pump, the DIPCut® impeller keeps its high hydraulic pumping efficiency.
Moreover, while shredding, all the power of the motor is used only by the 4 “knives” that are very efficient and consume less energy.
Result: an efficiency doubled in comparison to other pump systems, so no motor oversize.

The switch between the 2 functions is managed automatically by the drive controller based on the torque control and monitored via the OmniDIP® Box connected into the command. Moreover the self-monitoring system OmniDIP® allows the remote follow up and analyses of the functioning of the DIPCut®.

The impeller are fitted on removable plates to allow for easy dismantling. The dismantling/reassembly operation does not require special tools.  Impellers can be replaced on-site in just 15 minutes.

The pump has been deliberately designed to accept very turbulent steams of water without causing damage and reducing efficiency.

Unlike traditional systems with collecting tanks, the DIP Système®  injects a highly aerated air/water stream, which contributes naturally to the elimination of H2S effects.
This phenomenon helps to avoid the need for additional treatment, via compressed air or chemical injection, for example.