Emerging from a family business in 1987, S.I.D.E. Industrie has always strived to offer unconventionnal and innovative solutions for the pumping of “difficult” fluids.

Based on practical expertise in the field and an attitude of genuine partnership, the development of our product range is the result of 30 years of research, and from listening to the daily concerns of users and designers, enabling us today to offer solutions which are both simple and complete.

In association with the DIP® Direct In-line Pump System, we here present other innovations, with new developments to further protect the environment, your investment and to enhance safety.

In today’s global and throw-away society, our regional managers, designers, researchers, production teams and after sales technicians are all hard at work to offer you cost effective, durable and upgradable solutions.

The SIDINOX range of ready-to-connect in-line lifting stations, the domestic DomoDIP system, the PM electric pumps, etc. All these products are individually manufactured and tested, like the DIP System®, at our Villemer site, 1 hour from Paris.

We are very proud to present to you all the products and processes that are innovations based on well established systems used for a number of years in both France and Europe.

These products are the fruit of our commitment and ambition: Your requirements!